I was born and raised in Italy; surrounded by natural majestic beauty and spectacular examples of everlasting architecture, I became attracted to the profession at an early age.  My heritage has given me a good sense for "good design".

I attended the University of Architecture in Palermo, Italy and completed three years of the five year program. In 1978 after marrying my wife (a St. Helena native), I moved to California. In 1987 I received a Bachelor Degree from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, California, one of the finest architectural schools in the country.

Thereafter, I worked in architectural studios that shaped the development of my design ability & sensitivity. In 1993 I founded my own company.

My design philosophy is one that gives my clients the ability to fully participate in the design process. I make recommendations concerning the aesthetics, structure, life, and safety. I do not force my opinion on my clients, but rather I will strongly support and substantiate any opinion I may have.

I am very open to your suggestions and whatever needs you might have. It is my responsibility that the adopted solution will satisfy those needs, and at the same time create a beautiful building within the budget constraint.

These attributes have helped me establish a very good relationship with my past and present clients. All the projects I have had the opportunity to work on have been generated from client referrals. My staff includes licensed architects that will provide you with the most professional services.


“In every design task, there are several possible solutions (thesis). To evaluate every available option (antithesis), and to resolve with the most valuable solution (synthesis), is our goal.”

Carlo Di Fede

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